The Federation of Telangana Chambers
of Commerce and Industry
(formerly known as FTAPCCI)

Welcome to FTAPCCI

Welcome to The Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTAPCCI). Established in 1917 with the intent of providing incessant support to industry, FTAPCCI has indeed demonstrated unwavering commitment to towards its members and industry at large. What’s more, we’ve done this tirelessly for a hundred years.

At FTAPCCI, we have been energising industry for a 100 years. We’ve been engaging with the government to represent our members. And played a key role in enabling change through meaningful interactions for an entire century. In short, we at FTAPCCI have truly empowered business and proved to be enablers of commerce for a 100 years.  More about FTAPCCI

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