The Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(Formerly known as FAPCCI)

Halls & Booking

The Federation is located in the city center that allows members access the huge resources available at its disposal and also hold multiple events, conferences, workshops and seminars at its three different halls. To help our members and others to use these three different halls for holding these events, the Federation has embarked on a plan to create a simple booking process with availability information for online booking.

Hall Requisition Form

Contact for Purchase and Hall Booking :

Mr. M. Sampath
Ph : 9121144244
email :

Mr. Raja Kumar
Ph : 9121144246
email :

Mr. K.Vijay
Ph : 9121144245
email :


Operations / Maintenance 
Mr. Rajesh Kumar  Ph : 9100199977   email :



Download :  FTAPCCI Auditorium Brochure 



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