The Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(Formerly known as FAPCCI)

FTAPCCI Secretariat

The work of the Federation is carried out by a Secretariat consisting of a Secretary General, Director, Joint Directors, Deputy Director, Assistant Directors and Junior Officers in various Departments.

Name  Designation  Email & Phone
Sri Sanjay Kapoor                                                     Secretary General
Ph : 8008579622
Ph : 9642423331

Smt P. Vydehi Director

Ph : 80087 00256

Smt M. Veena

Joint Director & Head - Admin

Ph : 80085 79623

Sri R. Kulkarni Joint Director

Ph : 80085 79625

Smt T. Sujatha Deputy Director

Ph : 80085 79731

Smt NVS Lakshmi Asst. Director

Ph : 80088 04529

Sri L. Girijapathi Asst. Director (Consultant)

Ph: 80087 00258

Sri Ch. B. Seshagiri Rao Executive Officer (C.O. Section)

Mr. G.Baswanth Executive Officer (Vijayawada Branch)

Ph : 80085 79624

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