The Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(Formerly known as FAPCCI)

Expert Committee

The Managing Committee helps its members with information, support and advice through its large expert group that has senior industry representatives to share their experience across the following functions:

  • Industrial Development HR & IR
    (Manufacturing activity including Biotechnology, Industrial Land, HRD Industrial Relations, etc.)
  • Energy
    ( Non-conventional Energy, Alternative Energy)
  • Environment (Pollution, Climatic Changes, CDM, Carbon Credits etc) 
  • Tourism, Hospitality, Health Care and Entertainment
    (Entertainment, Hospitality and Health Care Industries)
  • Direct Taxes
    (Income Tax, Wealth, Gift, Cross Border Taxation )

  • Indirect Taxes
    (Customs, Central Excise, GST, Service tax, etc)

  • FTAPCCI Women in Business
    (Women Empowerment )

  • Trade and Commerce & Civil Supplies
    (Commercial Taxes, Octroi, Municipal Taxes, NALA. and Metrology, Consumer Relations etc.)

  • Banking, Finance & Insurance
    (Banking, Finance, Insurance, etc)

  • Corporate Laws, and Legal
    (Company Law, CSR, Competitive Laws, SEBI, Stock Exchanges, Primary & Secondary Markets)

  • Agriculture, Food Processing & Dairy
    (food & Security, Food Processing, Agro Based Industries and allied products)
  • Infrastructure & Real Estate 
    (Insfrastructure Facilities- Roads, Ports, Logistics Communications, Urban Rural Development, MRTS Metro, Urban Planning and Real Estate
  • Information Technology E-Commerce & Star Ups 
    (Information Technology Communications & Start –ups
  • International Trade 
    (Foreign Trade, Trade Facilitation, WTO & Free Trade Agreements
  • Youth Affairs 
    (Youth affairs)
  • Event Coordination 
    (Planning and Execution of major events)
  • Pharma
    (Promotion of Pharma industries and addressing their problems)
  • ADR & IPR
    (Alternative Dispute Resolution & IPR)

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